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A pro-active approach,  is how healthy skin remains beautiful skin.

Dermalogica is a simple but unique skin care and skin treatment system that delivers effective results in a minimum amount of time. We believe our clients deserve the best; that is why as well as using Dermalogica products in our treatments, we also supply them to our clients on a retail basis for their continued benefit.

The  Classic Dermalogica Skin Treatment     $55+
The Dermalogica Skin Treatment is designed to address your specific concerns and meet your exact skin needs. This includes double cleansing, exfoliation,extractions (as needed), massage, personalized masque and sun protection.This treatment will take your skin to its optimal best.
 Age-Smart Treatment   $75+
This is the most powerful Dermalogica treatment specially created for those concerned with the signs of aging, premature-aging, and the signs of photo-aging and sun-damage.  Potent exfoliation resurfaces and retexturizes skin while restructuring massage techniques release tension in the facial mucscles. Firmer, smoother, revived skin you'll love is yours with this amazing treatment.
 MediBac Clearing Treatment   $65+
This treatment jump-starts acne clearing and helps prevent acne well beyond the treatment. We start with a thorough deep-cleansing, followed by professional exfoliation to remove pore-clogging skin cells and professional extractions to help clear current breakouts. Our soothing professional masque detoxifies skin while calming irritation and redness and oil-free hydration and solar defense help hydrate and control excess surface oil while keeping skin protected.
MicroZone Mini Skin Treatments   $35+
Flash Exfoliation
Resurface, renew and brighten with this maximum strength exfoliation treatment. Hydroxy acids and retinol lift away dull surface cells while a nourishing cocktail of vitamins, peptides and botanical extracts help reverse visible signs of aging, revealing healthy, glowing skin.
Blackhead Relief
This deep cleansing, purifying treatment helps clear away blackheads, stubborn bumps and surface congestion. banishing any future breakouts but gaining clean, clear,
smoothing skin.
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