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"The best massage I’ve ever had!

I won this at a raffle and it was the best massage I’ve ever had.

It’s now my “go-to” gift when I need to give someone something special." - Christine

Experience the benefits of our customized Therapeutic Massage

Whether you are dealing with acute or chronic pain, seeking stress reduction, detoxification, improved circulation or looking for some relaxing downtime, our State Certified Massage Therapists will customize the massage session to each client’s individual needs using one or a combination of massage techniques.You can choose to use your session time for a full body massage or have the therapistfocus on a specific area. Communication with the therapist about how you feel, how the pressure feels, and what you like and don’t like is essential.

30 Minutes       $55+

60 Minutes       $85+

90 Minutes       $125+

120 Minutes     $175+

* Complimentary Hot Towel

     follow each massage.

 Massage Session Up-grades

that can be added to a massage session at a extra added cost.

Aromatherapy        $10+

Treat yourself to a customized scented massage for the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. 

Back Scrub           $15+

Complete your massage treatment with a skin smoothing and exfoliating back scrub.


Hot Stones           $25+   **please note Hot Stones are for 10:30am appointments and later**

Add hot stones to your session specific area like the back for the extra heat and pressure for those extra tight muscles. This up-grade is not a full body Hot Stone Massage. 


Extra Foot Time     $30+

Let the therapist spend an extra 15 minute  massage time on your feet followed by a warm towel for a total relaxing experience.                                                               



   Relaxing benefits for both moms-to-be and baby. This customized service relieves also aches and joint pain, helps reduce swelling and deeply nourishes skin. The massage is customized to the women's needs.                                    60 minutes     $85
Couple|Double Massage   

Couples double sessions are available and are generally booked as a customized

massage session, couples may choose a different massage technique session

as long as they are scheduled for the same duration of time (60 or 90 mins massages).

Prices vary according to the massages selected.    

Gratuity is always left to the discretion of our guests. Unless noted, gift certificates do not include gratuities.

   A 50% deposit may be required on massage sessions of 60 minutes or more.
  We reserve the right to price increase with out notice.
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